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What Happens To My Estate Without A Will?

Without a will and testament, your estate will go through probate for division and distribution to heirs and beneficiaries according to Georgia’s probate laws. In most cases, probate is an arduous process that becomes more expensive the longer it takes to settle your estate.

Implementing an estate plan now can help you protect your family and prevent your estate from encountering any major probate issues later. Call Herman Law Firm, LLC, at 770-609-4468 to discuss your estate planning needs and see how I can assist you today.

The Importance Of Having At Least A Will

In addition to the probate process, the lack of a basic will may cause other challenges, which can prolong an already difficult time for your family. Even if you already have a written will, it’s important to take the time to consistently update it after any and all major life events.

With an up-to-date will, you can keep your family and your estate from experiencing additional problems like:

  • Your personal wishes not being known to your loved ones
  • Heirloom items given to the wrong recipients
  • Possible legal disputes over assets and property
  • A delay in the distribution of inheritance

Take the opportunity to talk to a lawyer about how you can proactively safeguard your loved ones and your estate.

Draft Your Will With A Professional

When it comes to important documents such as a will, my advice is to reach out to an attorney. An online form or service can miss important details, leaving holes in your estate plan that could cause future issues. Schedule a consultation in which we can discuss drafting or updating your estate planning documents today. Call my Atlanta office at 770-609-4468 or send me a message today.