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Why Is Avoiding Probate So Important?

During probate, the court can delay estate administration for a significant amount of time, creating numerous problems for your administrators and beneficiaries. In addition, probate can become very expensive, even with court filing fees and costs alone. Taking the time to establish a plan now can help your loved ones circumvent these issues in the future.

For more reasons on why you should try to avoid probate when possible, read on or talk to an attorney today. Call Herman Law Firm, LLC, at 770-609-4468 for trusted legal advice and service.

What Happens If I Do Not Avoid Probate?

When you do not have a plan in place which facilitates probate avoidance, your loved ones may have to deal with the added stress of probate during an already difficult time. This could mean that your assets and property pass through an expensive and prolonged court process.

The following are some of the challenges they may encounter:

  • Expensive court filing fees
  • Time-consuming trials
  • Possible litigation
  • Lack of privacy
  • Judicial interference
  • Inaccessible financial accounts

Consider establishing a will to decrease the risk of disputes or forming a trust to ideally bypass the process altogether.

Who Should I Talk To About Avoiding Probate?

As a skilled lawyer with plenty of experience assisting my clients through the probate process, I can help you find an option that fits your needs. Inquire about my estate planning services and how I can help you prevent future probate issues by calling my Atlanta office at 770-609-4468. You can also send me your questions using this online form today.