Do I Need A Financial Power Of Attorney?

A financial power of attorney allows you to designate an agent and give him or her the ability to represent you in fiscal matters. This agent can only act within the guidelines written in your financial power of attorney and in the best interest of you and your affairs. A financial power of attorney can be an essential part of your estate plan, as it offers additional protection for you and your loved ones in the event of an emergency, illness or your passing.

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What Can My Agent Do For Me?

The extent of what your agent can do on your behalf should be outlined in your financial power of attorney. Whether you need someone to manage all your financial affairs or need assistance with a single transaction, you control what their responsibilities are and set the limit of their power.

With your authorization, your agent can perform these duties and more for you:

  • Banking transactions
  • Investment activities
  • Collection of benefits
  • Charitable donations
  • Real estate matters
  • Business operations

Together we can plan for your future and establish a financial power of attorney that will meet your specific needs.

Do I Really Need An Attorney To Do This?

A lawyer can help ensure that your financial power of attorney will be accepted by the third parties your agent may need to interact with. When you enlist my services, I can either work with you and your agent to fill out the form provided by the state of Georgia or draft a custom document that better suits your goals.

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