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The Difference Between A Guardian And A Conservator

In the state of Georgia, a guardian performs the role of decision-maker regarding personal and health care needs for their wards, while a conservator oversees financial matters. One or both may be appointed when the court determines that a ward is unable to make certain decisions for themselves due to their age, disability or other factors.

To learn more about establishing a guardian for young children or what a financial conservatorship entails, reach out to me at my Atlanta office at 770-609-4468.

When Would A Guardian Or Conservator Be Necessary?

There are many circumstances that may necessitate the appointment of a guardian and/or conservator, but since every situation has its own unique factors, it’s best to consult Herman Law Firm, LLC, before designating a guardianship or conservatorship.

The following are examples of those who may require a guardian or conservator:

  • Minor children who have lost both of their parents
  • Minor children who have inherited a large sum of money
  • An elderly parent who can no longer care for themselves
  • A vulnerable adult who is mentally incapacitated

Arranging for who should play the role of guardian for your young children if something happens to you and your spouse is crucial to the safety and well-being of your children.

Why Involve An Attorney?

You may find that you have differing opinions from your loved ones when planning and sorting out the details of your estate. This is where a lawyer can be beneficial.

Drawing from my experience working with other clients, I can mitigate potential issues by helping you and your spouse reach an agreement on important issues such as determining a guardian, will execution and more.

Inquire about this and other estate planning services that I can provide when you call 770-609-4468 or email me to schedule a consultation today.