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Passwords and other important information in estate plans

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2019 | Estate Planning

In Georgia, people who are planning how their estates will be handled should avoid overlooking some important details. In addition to having a will, power of attorney and other documents prepared, it is also important for people to make certain that their families understand how to find other important documents and access their digital accounts.

Many people have online accounts and password-protected devices such as tablets, smartphones and computers. After they die, their loved ones may be unable to access this information and these devices without the passwords to them. People should also make certain that their families know where to find important information and documents.

It may be a good idea for people to create lists of their passwords, online accounts, and important documents that their families will need after they pass away. People should also be aware that their beneficiary designations will trump whatever they have written in their wills. This makes it important for people to review the beneficiaries that they have designated on their life insurance policies, retirement accounts, bank accounts and others to make certain that they remain up to date.

Today, a significant amount of business is conducted online. People also store photos and other things online in password-protected accounts. It is important for people to think about all of the important information that their families will need after they die so that their family members can gain access to everything they will need. An estate planning attorney might help by including the information inside of a will. People can also create lists and keep them in a safe place for their families to access after they pass away. Planning an estate takes careful thought in order to make certain that people’s loved ones will be protected after they die.