Year: 2017

Don’t include these things in your will

If you have not started preparing your will, it is past time to do so. By having a will in place, should you pass away, you will maintain control over what happens to your estate. For example, if you have a preference in regard to how your beneficiaries divide your...

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You may need to update your estate plan

When you create an estate plan, you hope that it will remain in place for many years to come. While some people are fortunate enough for this to hold true, others find that they need to update their estate plan every now and again. This is why it's so important to...

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Tax advantages of charitable trusts

When it comes to creating your legacy, there are many facets to consider. An estate plan is an excellent way to make your wishes known and provide for the people and causes near and dear to your heart. Your generosity to the causes you care about is an important part...

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